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Add sophistication to your dinners, surprise friends with an elegant gift, spice up your and your friends' lifes with our medium heat, creamy truffle hot sauce...

Taste the heat

Luxury in a bottle

  • Truffle Cheese Burgers

    This speaks for itself. Take a Patty, a Brioche Bun, mature Cheddar, Onions and a good splash (or 2) of spicy truffle Sauce - and have a great Truffle Burger Treat extraordinaire!

  • Fantastic with Steaks

    Pouring TUFO Sauce over a perfectly grilled slab of Entrecote is a treat for Champions

  • Luxurious Country Fries

    Tufo sauce also complements Potatoe wedges, French Fries, Baked Potatoes, Patatas Bravas and more in an exciting way.

Hot, spicy, creamy, truffely!

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